Zynga Unplugs Popular Farm Game FarmVille


Zynga announced that it will unplug the phenomenon game FarmVille, released in 2009. This notice is an obligation rather than an independent decision. Because Adobe will cut support for Flash Player, it will eliminate the most basic component of FarmVille.

Zynga, one of the most well-known game developers in the world, announced that it will unplug its popular game FarmVille. According to the statements made, gamers will not be able to access the phenomenal farm game after December 31st. The reason for such a decision is Adobe rather than Zynga.

Adobe announced that it will stop its support for Flash Player, which has been in our lives for years, and the distribution of this software at the end of 2020. Consequently, this situation directly affects Flash Player-based games and all other content. Desperate in this context, Zynga will also unplug the very popular game FarmVille, even though it was released years ago. However, the company has prepared new ways for players to continue their FarmVille journey.

Players will continue to pay for FarmVille for a while. According to Zynga’s statements, the payment system will continue until 17 November 2020. Players will not be able to pay and receive payments after this date. In addition, the company is preparing new in-game events to improve players’ limited time with FarmVille. What these events will be will be determined in the coming days.

Gamers will be able to continue playing FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape or the upcoming FarmVille 3 after FarmVille is shut down. However, it is currently unknown whether these games will be as popular as the original FarmVille. Zynga’s remarks seem to overwhelm fans of this farm simulation.

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