Zuckerverse? Social Media Boils With New Names For Facebook


Zuckerverse:  According to press reports, Facebook is considering changing its name next week to a designation that could house the various brands acquired by the conglomerate. To escape the simplism of being defined as a “social network”, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the idea is to evolve “into a metaverse company”.

Immediately, a legion of users began to suggest new names on the social network, or simply “Meta” as one person suggested, to simplify metaverse, a virtual environment capable of replicating reality through digital devices. But it didn’t stop there, and soon they came: Zuckerverse, Timesuck, Faceplant.

On Twitter, a user named Dave Pell advised Facebook to follow in the footsteps of musician Kanye West, and change the name to “Ye”. In Rome, a student named Vittoria Esteves made another suggestion to Reuters: why not “Old People’s App because that’s what we young people call it”?

A desert of teenagers?

The names kept popping up: Bookface, Facegram, Facetagram, FreeFace, FreeTalk, World Changer, and even a “Teenage Wasteland”, something like “Teenage Desert” and that could reflect a wish of “Uncle Zuck” when insisting on the change of brand. As defined by the Roman student, Facebook has been increasingly abandoned by many young people, who migrated to other apps like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Reinforcing this idea, a user named Mark suggested “Boomerville”, which would be a small town inhabited by baby boomers, those people born right after World War II. The truth is that, behind the jokes, there is an idea of ​​Facebook as a thing old and outdated, something that a rebranding, as suggested by Zuckerberg, could correct, to make Face “cool” again.


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