Zuckerberg is with Trump in her Twitter debate!

A tweet posted by US President Donald Trump has been answered by Twitter with the label ‘verifying information’, suspicious of reliable information by Twitter. After the controversy and Donald Trump’s threat to turn off Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg also joined Trump. Today, Trump received an answer from Jack Dorsey. The tension between Trump and Twitter seems to increase.

Zuckerberg stands for Trump in the Trump and Twitter discussion!

Twitter recently introduced the new feature ‘verify information’ tag to users in order to reduce false and contradictory information. As part of this feature, a tweet sent by US President Donald Trump was faced with the ‘verify information’ label.

Donald Trump, who reacted to this situation after the process, was also on the agenda with threats to close Twitter. With the start of the debate, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, also made his stand on Trump.

“Social media platforms should not be a place to question reality,” Zuckerberg said in a statement on the subject. In his words, he showed his attitude about Twitter status. “We have a different policy than Twitter,” Zuckerberg said in a statement to Fox News. He emphasized that he wanted to separate Twitter from his words.

Jack Dorsey did not miss this situation. With his tweet today, he reacted harshly to US President Donald Trump.

The words he shared on Twitter are as follows; “As a company, I am the only one responsible for our actions and this is me. Please exclude our employees from this. We will continue to prevent false or controversial information about global elections. And we will accept the mistakes we make and have them. This does not make us a “reality judge”. Our goal is to unite the points of contradictory statements and show that people are in conflict, so that people can judge themselves. More transparency is important to us so people can clearly see the reason for our actions. ”

The discussions on this issue seem to continue. We will see the reactions of US President Donald Trump and Zuckerberg more clearly in the coming days.

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