Zuckerberg Defends Facebook And Says It Doesn’t Prioritize Profit


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an official statement for the first time to defend the company from recent accusations against the social network and from leaks of documents and internal studies. The executive defended the social network saying that the platform is important to society and does not prioritize profit.

In a lengthy piece published in her personal profile — and initially aimed only at employees — Zuckerberg defended the platform’s actions and criticized Frances Haugen, the former director of products at the company that leaked and testified to the US Senate in the last Tuesday (5) to detail the allegations.

He also guaranteed greater transparency and collaboration from now on, without detailing exactly what actions will be taken. In the letter, he also commented on the blackout that left the company’s services disconnected for hours, citing the importance of platforms around the world.

What did Zuckerberg say?

One of the CEO’s main defenses involved stressing that Facebook doesn’t prioritize profit over user safety and well-being. As an example, he used a new feature implemented in 2018 called Meaningful Social Interactions, which changed the order of posts in the news feed to reduce viral videos and increase content from friends and family.

In addition, he rejects the charge that content posted on Facebook “makes people angry” or undermines democracy, calling the argument “illogical.” According to the executive, advertisers specifically ask that their posts not appear next to harmful posts and the product is not built to make people angry or depressed, but rather the opposite.


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