Zuckerberg criticizes Apple’s App Store and praises Android


Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticized Apple’s policies on the iOS digital store. Without citing exactly the case, the executive spoke a little about the current situation involving Epic Games and the App Store – and even took the opportunity to praise rival Google for acting differently.

According to the executive, Apple has “one-sided control of what happens on phones in terms of applications”, which can be harmful from a market point of view. “I think there are questions that people should look into about this control of the App Store and whether it allows for competitive dynamics,” he says.

Recently, Facebook came into friction with Apple because of an update that was barred on iOS. The reason is the quote at the rate of 30% charged by the App Store on any acquisition or microtransaction carried out on the platform.

On the other hand…

Zuckerberg took the opportunity to praise the practices of Android, which allows the installation of alternative digital stores for those who are dissatisfied with the Google Play Store, which also charges the same 30% and also got involved in the fight with the Fortnite developer.

Asked about a possible need for regulation of this control by governments, the CEO was evasive – after all, Facebook itself is experiencing problems in this regard because it owns services like WhatsApp and Instagram. However, he suggested that “some of these behaviors deserve in-depth analysis and this is happening”.

The statements were recorded during an interview with Axios on HBO.

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