ZTE S30 Pro’s launch date has been announced

ZTE recently announced that its new S series phone is on its way. The company finally announced the launch date of this new phone. The phone, named ZTE S30 Pro, will be unveiled on March 30.

The 64-megapixel sensor is the main camera in the smartphone. The refresh rate of the phone with a 44-megapixel front camera will be 144 Hz. ZTE’s new 1 + 2 + N ecosystem will also be introduced at the event. This ecosystem will follow an ecosystem similar to Huawei’s 1 + 8 + N and Realme’s 1 + 4 + N ecosystems.

Here, 1 user stands for priority devices such as 2 smartphones or tablets, and the letter N represents the number of smart ZTE devices that can operate in the same environment via a single user interface.

The S30 Pro is expected to replace the Blade series. While the resolution of the rear camera is known; The other three cameras are expected to be an ultra wide-angle camera, a macro camera and a depth sensor. It can be said that this is a standard setup for mid-segment devices.

It takes 12 more days to meet the ZTE S30 Pro. It will not be a surprise that new information on the phone will emerge in this process.



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