ZTE plans second generation camera phone under screen


ZTE was the first manufacturer in the world to commercially launch a smartphone with impressive camera technology under the screen with the arrival of the Axon 20 5G, allowing the sensor to stay behind the display and not need alternative methods like notches or modules retractable to operate.

Although its performance is mediocre most of the time, the milestone has been made and now the competitors are already preparing to launch their own technologies, including ZTE itself that plans the second generation of the camera under the screen.

The revelation was made by the manufacturer’s executive on the social network Weibo. Ni Fei shared a publication reminiscent of the arrival of the ZTE Axon 20 5G and commemorated the company’s achievement in being a pioneer, but also stated that users can expect a “comprehensive” improvement compared to the solution adopted in 2020.

Ni Fei did not share further details, but it is very likely that the next generation will be implemented with the launch of the Axon 30 5G if ZTE continues the numerical order of the line.

There is an expectation that the company will offer better lighting control with a higher level of contrast and less distortion, and may actually offer an experience closer to the standards required by competitors.

Samsung, for example, has been testing the camera’s technology under the screen for years, but has not yet felt ready to implement the technology on a smartphone because of limitations. With that, it is likely that a Galaxy smartphone with camera under the screen will arrive in 2021.


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