ZTE Axon 30’s Introduction Date Is New Claim


ZTE Axon 30 launch date new claim. Chinese display manufacturer Visionox recently introduced its second-generation in-display camera. It was claimed that the first phone to use this camera would be the ZTE Axon 30. Famous listener Digital Chat Station stated that the ZTE Axon 30 could be introduced on July 22.

The information in question was obtained thanks to a video shared by ZTE President Ni Fei. In this video, there is information that ZTE will unveil an entirely new device next month.

In the ZTE Axon 30 Pro and Axon 30 Ultra models released by ZTE this year, the front camera was placed in the hole above the screen. The ZTE Axon 30, on the other hand, seems to take over the flag from the Axon 20 series with its in-screen front camera.

According to new information, the ZTE Axon 30 will come with Visionox’s InV see Pro screen. This screen will have a new and improved pixel arrangement. Thus, while the clarity of the front camera placed inside the screen is increased, the ghosting of the image is prevented.


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