Zowie Announces ECW Wireless Gaming Mice for Esports, But It Will Cost You Money


The company Zowie, known for its gaming equipment focused on esports, announced the EC-CW gaming mice. The new mouse is also wireless and comes in three sizes starting at $149.99 and starting in March 2023.

Among the huge number of announcements that we saw at CES this year, one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance peripherals, Zowie, announced a long-awaited product. The company is finally releasing a wireless version of its popular EC-C gaming mice.

The mouse is carefully thought out from the point of view of ergonomics, and is also equipped with a PixArt 3370 sensor. For most people, the 3370 will be enough, although the company has come under some criticism for not using the slightly newer PixArt 3395.

EC-CW gaming mice will be presented in three sizes, each of which is slightly different in weight. The smallest model weighs only 76 g, the average size is 77 g, and the largest is 79 g.

However, what is even more interesting, the company advertises wireless communication without transmission errors.

Included with the mouse is an “improved receiver”, which is much larger than the wireless stations we’ve seen from companies like ASUS and Razer. This is paired with an antenna on the front end of the mouse to enhance wireless stability. This is seen in action in the mouse commercial.

Unfortunately, the company did not specify the battery life of the mouse, although we expect it to be pretty good, given the lack of RGB backlight on the device itself.

EC-CW gaming mouse price and release window

The EC-CW driverless gaming mouse will cost from $149.99 for each size, and deliveries will begin in March. However, the mouse deployment will be distributed across SKUs and regions, as the company announced on its Twitter account.

Users of the popular subreddit /r/mousereview also complained about the price of the mouse. At $149.99, it is more than double the price of the wired model, which made some users think. However, it’s also far from the most expensive gaming mouse we’ve seen on the market at the moment.


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