Zoraida Gómez breaks silence after Eleazar’s arrest


Zoraida and Eleazar Gómez are a couple of actor brothers, talented, who have headlined several television productions thanks to what they have shown when they are in front of the camera.

Speaking specifically of Zoraida, she was living a happy stage in her life as she enjoyed the birth of her first child, something that took a repentenine turn due to the arrest of her brother.

Eleazar is behind bars for allegedly having beaten his partner, which caused the “Rebelde” actress to leave her “fast” on social networks, to leave a significant message.

In her Instagram stories, the interpreter posted an image with the word “faith”, alluding to the hope she has for seeing the 34-year-old actor free, who is not her only brother, but who have a little difference in age between both, so their relationship is very intimate.

Eleazar also would have already been very happy for the arrival of his nephew, so this bad drink in the Gómez family came at a time when everything seemed to be aimed at being happy.


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