Zoom’s Google Play Store Rating Was Upside Down Due To Corona Virus


Zoom, one of the most popular video conferencing applications in the world, is having a hard time now. Zoom, which people who have to work from home due to the Corona virus, started to use intensively, is heavily criticized especially on the Android platform.

Video conferencing applications are among the most used applications nowadays. Because the Corona virus, which emerged in Wuhan, China and spread all over the world, made many companies have to work at home office. As such, people who had to work from home turned to video conferencing applications.

Zoom, which can be used on PC, Android and iOS platforms, has been serving for many years and has recently increased its popularity several times. However, the increasing demand for Zoom also revealed some problems, and the rating of this app on the Google Play Store suddenly turned upside down.

Zoom was rated at around 4.5 last November. However, as of today, when you access Zoom’s Google Play Store page, you can clearly see that the application in question is rated 2.4 out of 5. Also, especially users who started to use and evaluate this application recently, they give the application only 1 point and they criticize Zoom heavily.

When we look at the explanations about zoom, we see that the users mostly refer to the audio and video quality in video conferences. In fact, it was obvious that the increasing demand in recent times would cause such a problem in both Zoom and similar applications. Because the density experienced in the servers of such applications caused the applications to become heavy.

Zoom officials are trying to respond to critical comments from the Google Play Store, but the answers seem to have been written for the sake of the moment. If you are looking for a video conferencing tool that you will use over the Android platform right now, we can clearly say that Zoom may not give you what you want.


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