Zoom Will Allow Third-Party Apps on Your Calls


Zoom: As of this Wednesday (21), Zoom started to allow the integration of third-party applications in its video calls. The new version of the platform now has an “Applications” division, with around 60 apps, including Asana, Dropbox Spaces, Dot Collector and Funtivity.

Third-party programs available in Zoom Apps, as the service is being called, can be uploaded and shared with participants in a virtual meeting. The purpose of the function is to make it easier for users to access their favorite entertainment, wellness and productivity software, according to the company.

The function provides space on the screen to collaborate, from the option to expand and collapse the Apps side panel. In addition, you can also open your application in a new window and switch usage between multiple programs simultaneously.

Available apps

Currently, Zoom Apps has 59 apps. Check out some options that can make corporate meetings more organized, collaborative and productive:

Asana: Allows you to create, edit and assign tasks to track the progress of teamwork.
Dropbox Spaces: Enable real-time collaboration in a single shared workspace.
Dot Collector: Allows everyone in a meeting to share their perspective through real-time feedback and surveys.
Funtivity: Offers activities and content for a wide variety of occasions, including team building, conference meetings and cultural events.
Live2Coursera: College and university professors can record and share lectures live to Coursera.

How to use Zoom Apps

1. User must download the latest version of Zoom.

2. After opening the program, click the Applications tab on the desktop, or go to the next Zoom Meeting toolbar.

3. If the tab does not appear, ask the event administrators to enable the Zoom Apps icon in their account settings.

4. Click Discover to see the list of available apps and add your favorites.


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