Zoom to Switch to 4-Phase End-to-End Encryption


Zoom, which has made a great breakthrough since the pandemic started, will go end-to-end encryption. This process will be carried out in 4 stages.

Zoom has been one of the most frequently used platforms to hold meetings since the pandemic started. Capturing a rapid growth with the incoming demand, Zoom is constantly working to make updates and improvements.

The program, which is generally used when people need communication such as lectures and meetings, will now become more secure with end-to-end encryption. The process of putting this four-step system into operation was announced at today’s Zoomtopia event.

New end-to-end encryption from Zoom

Introducing its new integrated platform for classes and events at the Zoomtopia event, Zoom also paved the way for third-party applications to be used within Zoom with Zapps. They also announced that they will implement end-to-end encryption, which is a very important step in privacy and confidentiality.

It has been talked about for a long time that end-to-end encryption will come to the platform. Earlier this year, it was claimed that the platform was planning to provide end-to-end encryption services only to its paid users, and this caused great controversy. Later, due to the pressure from both non-governmental organizations and security experts, the platform announced that it would take a step back and offer the feature to the service of all its users.

According to the updated plans, free Zoom users will now be able to access end-to-end encryption after a one-time mobile verification process. That is, they may need to access the platform with their mobile phone numbers.

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Zoom is not involved in encryption

The GCM encryption system is currently used for Zoom users. So when a person opens the meeting, their passwords are generated by him. The encryption information given to other users also goes from that device. Both in this system and in end-to-end encryption called E2EE, Zoom does not know how to decrypt passwords.

When Zoom users see a green shield in the upper left corner of the screen, we see that end-to-end encryption is active. All users will be able to see their security numbers. This feature will be available in the next week and the host will need to be enabled first.


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