Zoom sticks a virtual pen into video calls to make annotations on the screen


Zoom: With the rise (tax) of teleworking and online classes due to the pandemic we are experiencing, apps like Zoom have become a benchmark and are among the most used in the field of video calls and videoconferences. And to stay that way, ZOOM itself keeps updating.

And in its most recent update, the company has implemented several improvements such as improved on-screen annotation for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars; new hardware solutions for Zoom Rooms; expanded management capabilities for Zoom Chat and a simplified mass communication solution for Zoom Phone. Remember that to access the latest features available on the Zoom platform, you must download the latest client at zoom.us/download.

Zoom Meetings

On-screen annotations with a stylus

Now, in the middle of a video call, you can highlight text or objects on the shared screen without having to undo or delete the highlighting annotations. Use the icon on the top bar of the Vanishing Pen to highlight text or objects, and the highlighting will fade over time, allowing you to direct the attention of attendees without the need to constantly undo or erase your annotations. This feature is also available in Zoom Video Webinar.

Automatic whiteboard shapes in the Zoom mobile app

The update allows you to easily create straight lines and perfect shapes when you annotate on your tablet with the Zoom mobile app, using the new ‘Whiteboard Auto-shapes’ feature, which automatically corrects your annotations as intended. This provides organizations with a tool to make live annotations on whiteboards during all-participant meetings, training meetings, and customer / sales webinars.

More emoji options for meeting reactions

Meeting participants have more ways to express themselves. The latest version of Zoom Meetings brings more emoji reactions to the meeting, including the ability to choose a skin tone for your emojis. For larger accounts, account owners and administrators must enable the full set of emojis.

If the meeting reactions feature is enabled, account owners and administrators can allow meeting participants to use the full set of emojis or keep the standard set of 6 emojis.

Zoom Rooms

Facebook TV Portal

Facebook has added support for Zoom in Portal TV. Now you can connect with your co-workers or with your friends and family through Zoom on the largest screen in your home.

Zoom Chat

Add a manager to the user’s profile

Zoom account owners and administrators can now add a user’s manager to appear on an employee’s Zoom profile. This can be done manually. Adding the manager to an employee’s profile can also be done automatically through SSO SAML Mapping. Customers interested in this functionality should contact Zoom support or their CSM for assistance.

Zoom Phone


Zoom Phone customers will now be able to activate and receive mass notifications using InformaCast from Singlewire Software to stay informed of crisis events that may affect their well-being. This enables organizations to issue crisis-related communications at a point in time and protect their stakeholders on-site.


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