Zoom Released A New Update For All Platforms


Popular video conferencing application Zoom has released a new update for all platforms. The updated Zoom has both improved its interface and brought new features to the application.

Zoom, which rapidly increased its popularity by responding to the need for video conferencing service that peaked during the COVID-19 pandemic; With the new update released for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android versions, it both updated its interface and brought brand new features to its service.

Before talking about the new features coming to Zoom, to talk about the changes in the existing features; In Windows, MacOS and Linux versions of the application, when the webcam is turned off, profile picture or name will be displayed instead of meeting information and properties. In other words, the non-video call interface will be the same as the video call interface.

Screen image of a specific program can be projected instead of the entire desktop in Zoom
If we talk about the new features coming to Zoom; now, on the iPad version of Zoom, the gallery supports video sequencing in 4×4 view. On the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, the array can go up to 5×5. In addition, Zoom’s virtual background feature can be used on all Android devices with Adreno 615, 616, 618 and 620 GPUs.

However, now, Windows and MacOS users will be able to share only the screenshot of the program they have specified with the participants in the video conference instead of sharing the entire desktop. Thus, even if the users log in to different applications on their computers, only the screenshots of the programs they specified will continue to be projected in the conference.

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Message fixing feature to zoom

If we look at the new features about Zoom meetings; We can say that abuse reporting stands out. Now you will be able to report abuse by the host or attendees to Zoom, no matter which device you are using Zoom on. In addition, with the new participant activity suspension feature, all videos and sounds will be turned off, screen sharing will be stopped, intermediate rooms will be terminated and recording will be put on hold.

Again, no matter what version of Zoom users are using, users will be able to pin a message on the channel to the top of the channel. In addition, the fixed messages can be removed or changed on demand. Also, History and Voicemail tabs on all platforms; Received an interface enhancement that displays more information about location, call information, and spam calls.


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