Zoom prepares news for the return of face-to-face meetings


In preparation for the future return of face-to-face meetings in the business world, the Zoom digital conferencing application is implementing new features to promote health measures in a “hybrid” communication model. The news should arrive on its Zoom Rooms platform and offer practical features to ensure the health and well-being of the participants.

Now, users will be able to connect their cell phones directly to Zoom Rooms and have access to the main meeting information with less contact requirement. Similarly, there is also the Zoom Rooms Controller application, which eliminates the need for physical control and allows the use of the cell phone itself to access all the functions necessary for the management of a conference, avoiding the sharing of the same device between the participants.

In this context, resources were also implemented developed for the management of meetings in real time. Aimed at IT administrators (acronym for Information Technology), the functions allow to limit the number of people allowed in a conference room and to count in real time the number of participants present, in order to promote measures of social distance.

Among the latest, but not least, new features are the digital “presence list” feature, which allows the registration of participants without physical contact with other devices and the integration with the Neat Bar equipment. Developed by Zoom, the device allows the monitoring the quality of air circulation in an environment, among other factors such as the level of CO2 and humidity.

Zoom Rooms chief Jeff Smith said in an interview with the CNET website that the newly implemented features were already on its users’ “wish list” even before the pandemic. According to him, the current context demanded urgency in the updates in view of the new needs. Smith comments that the new features are focused on the ease of use and security of users, being developed for the new challenges found in the workplace.


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