Zoom Launches Native Application for Windows 10 ARM


Zoom: This week, Windows 10 aimed at the ARM architecture received a native version of Zoom. The only limitation of the new feature compared to the traditional one (x86) is the lack of support for the virtual background feature, as all other functionalities are present in the solution.

It is not new that the company is dedicated to the launch, as in 2019, even before the advance of the tool due to the covid-19 pandemic, it had already talked about its development.

Since that time, little was known about the app, until, in May this year, during the announcement of the Snapdragon 7c and Snapdragon Developer Kit, the giant had promised to deliver it in the Northern Hemisphere summer (which started four days ago, when he finally made it available without fanfare).

Now, anyone who downloads “normal” Zoom will be invited to install Zoom for ARM, as long as automatic updates are configured.

growing market

Although the operating system in question is capable of running several conventional applications, the loss of performance that they present when used on the ARM platform ends up alienating consumers. Therefore, there are giants that bet on exclusive and optimized programs for the proposal.

Two examples are Adobe, with Photoshop, and Blizzard Entertainment, with World of Warcraft. Considering that Samsung may launch ARM processors for cell phones and notebooks and that NVIDIA wants to acquire the company responsible for the chips, betting on this approach could yield significant results for Zoom and for those who embark on the alternative.


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