Zoom Launches Exclusive Line of Phones For Hybrid Work


Zoom announced this Wednesday (9) the launch of the hardware line, Zoom Phone Appliances. Aimed at hybrid work, the line combines Zoom’s video conferencing technology with Poly and Yealink branded hardware, which offer video, audio and touch screen functions.

The company explains that the Zoom Phone is a kind of “all-in-one desk phone”, as it can make video calls in HD resolution, phone calls and even “transform” into an interactive whiteboard.

“Traditional offices are evolving and adapting, and our goal is to empower the workforce to do even more, blurring the boundaries between voice and video. Appliance features a selection of hardware for the Zoom Phone specially developed by Poly and Yealink. They remove barriers and enable a powerful communication experience,” says Graeme Geddes, head of Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms.

According to the company, the devices offer a series of benefits for use in professional environments:

The Zoom Phones will always be on, facilitating last minute scheduled or scheduled meetings;
You can make and receive calls, check voicemail, take notes or collaborate with colleagues in shared folders;
No additional licensing is required, just login with your Zoom account;
Whiteboard mode allows the user to quickly share their ideas with other colleagues;

Zoom Phone handsets are available through the Zoom Hardware-as-a-Service program and also through authorized Poly and Yealink resellers. To learn more about the devices, visit the website.