Zoom Hits Facebook For Illegal Data Transfer To Facebook


Millions of people worldwide continue to work from home as part of coronavirus measures, while online applications have increased their measures. While the heads of presidents and executives held their meetings over video chat programs, the name of Zoom, one of those programs, got involved in data breach.

US-based video chat application Zoom was one of the applications that gained popularity in the period when coronavirus measures took effect worldwide. Governments started to conduct their talks through this application, but the application is on the agenda with a scandalous news. It turns out that data belonging to Zoom users was illegally shared with Mark Zuckerberg’s company, even without Facebook accounts. After the developments, a lawsuit was filed at Zoom in California Federal Court.

The Zoomer; It was stated that it did not inform its users that their data was sent to Facebook and possibly to other third parties. “If Zoom had informed its users that it would use insufficient security measures and would allow unauthorized third-party monitoring, the users would not be willing to use Zoom,” the case said.

The international non-governmental organization Electronic Frontier Foundation says in a recent warning that the application allows users to monitor their activities by administrators. Despite concerns, businesses, schools and even governments continue to use the app to hold meetings and presentations.

Finally, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced that he was showing signs of coronavirus, showed that he had a meeting with his cabinet via Zoom on his social media account Twitter. Response to the allegations about zoom was from the company’s founder, Eric Yuan. Yuan apologized for what happened in her blog post.

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Explanation about the scandal from Zoom:
In the article, “We initially implemented the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ feature using the Facebook SDK for iOS to provide our users with another easy way to access our platform, but we realized that the Facebook SDK collected unnecessary device information. For this reason, we decided to uninstall Facebook SDK in our iOS client. ”

Data shared in the event where the zoom is involved; it contains information about users’ device, device’s operating system, time zone and model. According to what is said, meetings held through the application were not transferred to Facebook. Zoom users are advised to get the latest version of the app by updating so that their data is no longer sent to Facebook.


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