Zoom: German Authorities Advise Government Not To Use App


Zoom: The Hamburg state government in Germany has been advised to stop using Zoom, a videoconferencing application that has gained worldwide notoriety since the start of the new coronavirus pandemic, as a working tool. The suggestion was given this Monday (16) by the German Data Protection Agency (DPA).

According to DPA, the use of the popular video calling tool violates the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The agency explains that the online service sends user data to the United States, where they are processed, contrary to the legislation of the European bloc.

Concern over the treatment of information follows a ruling by the European Union court last year, invalidating the agreement between the bloc and the US. At the time, European authorities considered the American surveillance law incompatible with the privacy rights of countries in the region.

In the press release, the agency suggested to the Hamburg government to replace Zoom with a similar tool provided by the national company Dataport. According to DPA, the German videoconferencing program is available to all public bodies in the country and does not transmit data to third parties.

US government negotiations

Facebook’s communication tools and Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud services are also under the eyes of European lawmakers. The reason is the same that generated concern with Zoom, in other words, the lack of transparency in relation to the treatment of data, when they are processed on American soil.

To try to solve the problem, the European Commission has been negotiating a new agreement for the transfer of data with the administration of Joe Biden. However, Old Continent officials stress the need to reform the current US surveillance law before any decision is made.


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