Zoom gains automatic caption option for free accounts


Zoom announced last Wednesday (24) that it intends to add a new feature on the meeting platform. The company will also provide the option of automatic live captions for free accounts, a feature that was already available to users who used paid accounts.

“As part of our commitment to connecting users around the world, we are focused on continually improving our resources to provide a platform that is accessible to all the communities we serve,” said the company. Currently, the platform already has accessibility features, such as keyboard accessibility, interpreter video and screen reader support.

To help free account holders who need live transcription as soon as possible, Zoom offers an automatic captioning option upon request. To access the resource, just fill out the form. The company will send a confirmation email with more details.

The automatic caption option for free accounts will be available to the public in September 2021.


Zoom is also implementing new features to promote health measures in a “hybrid” communication model. Now, users will be able to connect their cell phones directly to Zoom Rooms and have access to the main meeting information with less contact requirement. Resources developed for managing meetings in real time were also implemented. The functions allow to limit the number of people in a conference room and to count in real time the number of participants present, in order to promote measures of social distance.


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