Zoom Deletes The Code That User Sent The Data To Facebook


Many applications that we use on our smartphones may request access to some data on our device for various reasons. However, the problem here arises when this data is shared with third party companies and applications.

Our biggest fear about smartphone applications, which we use frequently throughout the day, is to share user data with different companies and applications. Another news that we did yesterday was that the application called Zoom shared user data with Facebook.

This application received a new update on Friday and stopped sending user data to Facebook. When a user previously opened the application; the user’s time zone, city, and device information were sent to the social media giant.

Explanation from Zoom
Zoom used the following expressions to Vice Motherboard, which revealed that the user data was shared: “Zoom takes the privacy of users very seriously. In order for our users to access our platform in a different way, we were using the ‘Log in with Facebook’ feature using the Facebook SDK. However, we have recently noticed that the Facebook SDK is collecting device data. ”

The SDK mentioned in the description, namely the Software Development Kit, is a code package that developers use to use certain features in their applications. However, the SDK can send certain information to third-party companies.

Zoom explained in a statement that the information collected by the Facebook SDK does not contain personal data of users. The information collected by the Facebook SDK includes the type and version of the mobile operating system, the time zone of the device, the operating system of the device, the model of the device, screen size, processor cores and disk space.

Regarding the new update made by the application developers, the following statements were used: “We will have deleted the Facebook SDK and reconfigured the feature. Thus, users will be able to continue using Facebook login through their browsers. In order for the new feature to be active, our users need to upgrade our application to the latest version after the update is released. We sincerely apologize for these experiences. ”


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