Zoom can add email services next to video conferencing


Video conferencing platform Zoom has had a record-breaking year due to the unprecedented increase in remote work as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The company’s stock price increased more than 500 percent. However, the company wants more. According to a new report from The Information, the company is now considering going beyond video chat at work and expanding into new areas, particularly email and calendar services.

The company is currently working on the e-mail product. It is stated in the article that Zoom will offer a web-based e-mail service next year. The calendar app looks a little further away and it is not yet known whether development work has begun. But both ideas could gain in importance as the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines increases in 2021, and especially as companies begin to bring employees back to the office. After all, the use of video conferencing solutions will decrease with these developments. Zoom did not comment on this news.

Many of Zoom’s major competitors offer video conferencing as part of their broader enterprise application suite. The biggest two of these belong to Microsoft with its Office 365 platform and Google with its rival Workspace package. Both of these platforms offer calendaring, email and video conferencing products. For this reason, it makes sense for Zoom to try to diversify the services it offers to its customers and to extend its platform beyond a single-purpose use, offering both e-mail and calendar.

The Information’s report includes a number of other signs that the company is interested in building a complete suite of enterprise applications, including job postings for “exciting chat features,” and existing integrations with other applications such as Asana and Dropbox. However, there is always the possibility that the company may decide to see how waiting and returning to the office affects businesses, whether remote work continues to be an important factor of life in the future.


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