Zoom Buys Five9 Call Center for $14.7 Billion


The company Zoom, responsible for the videoconferencing platform with the same name, announced this Sunday (18) the acquisition of Five9. The company is a provider of call center platforms, helping to bring other brands closer to existing or potential customers.

The transaction involves a $14.7 billion share purchase and is considered the first major acquisition by Zoom, which has soared in popularity and market value since the start of the covid-19 pandemic.

Bureaucratic processes and approval by regulatory bodies must be completed by the first half of 2022.

Call center platforms and more

According to the official statement, the idea is to combine the solution sold by Five9 with the new owner’s platform, “transforming the way businesses get in touch with their consumers” and generating greater engagement from a service that is now widespread.

Five9’s products and solutions involve market analysis tools, intelligent multi-channel contact platforms and call centers for industries such as finance companies, healthcare, education and telemarketing, among others.

One of Zoom’s plans involved expanding into the business sector, and in recent months the company has even launched a line of phones exclusively for hybrid work.


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