Zoom Burned Signal To Real-Time Translation Feature


Zoom will be talked about a lot with a brand new feature for conferences! Video conferencing platform Zoom aims to break the language barrier.

Pandemic “hero” Zoom is once again taking firm steps towards revolution. One of the most frequently used applications of people who started to work from home with the epidemic process was Zoom. The video conferencing platform focused on improving itself, especially in this process. Because it is trying to live up to the expectations of millions of people. According to the latest information, the platform will integrate a feature that will be talked about a lot.

Zoom and Kites will break the language barrier

Having achieved great success in the last two years, the platform makes online meeting available to everyone as simple and seamless as possible. Now the company has invested in a technology that could change the game in online communication. Live translation startup Kites GmbH is on track to be acquired by Zoom for an as yet undisclosed fee.

Kites will assist in the development of machine translation and integration into Zoom Cloud meetings. The aim of the cooperation is to break the language barrier between people with different languages. What Kites and Zoom want to do is probably translate live captions.

In 2015, Dr. Alex Waibel and Dr. Kites, founded by Sebastian Stüker, has a small team of twelve. The team will merge with Zoom engineering department. But they will work specifically on machine translation.

Velchamy Sankarlingam, Zoom Head of Product and Engineering, made a statement on the subject. “We are confident that Kites’ impressive team will fit Zoom perfectly with our cohesive missions to make collaboration seamless, regardless of language, geographic location or other barriers,” Sankarlingam said. said.

Stüker and Waibel also shared their positive views on the collaboration: “Kites emerged with the mission of breaking down language barriers and making seamless interaction between languages ​​a reality of everyday life. We have long appreciated the Zoom team for their ability to easily connect people around the world. We know Zoom is the best partner to help advance our mission.”


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