The Zoom app stores meeting records!


Zoom application continues to increase its popularity these days when the opportunities to work from home and meetings are held over the Internet.

Besides this popularity, the application is struggling with vulnerability issues. Finally, it turned out that the application kept meeting records in the cloud.

How is the zoom application meeting records stored?
Zoom is one of the meeting applications used in the professional world for a long time. However, after the coronavirus began to shut down, the Zoom was rediscovered.

Recently, the meeting application, which has been brought to the agenda with Zoombombing attacks, is on the agenda with a new vulnerability.

According to the vulnerability found by security expert Patrick Jackson, Zoom keeps meeting records on the cloud for everyone to access. Jackson encountered 15,000 records that were easily accessible during his scan.

These recordings include many private interviews, from personal therapies to yoga classes, private lessons, and lawyer interviews. The company official said in a statement that these records were user-originated.

Accordingly, the Zoom application allows the person who opens the meeting to record during the meeting. This record is kept on the Zoom cloud system.

The company spokesperson says meeting records recorded on the cloud will not be available, but the recorder can access and distribute it.

The zoom application continues to close security holes every day. However, accessing meeting records so easily seems to hurt the company.

So what do you think, is the Zoom application reliable for the meeting? We welcome your comments.


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