Zoom Announces Innovations Focused On Communication And Interaction


At the Zoomtopia 2021 event, Zoom announced a series of innovations focused on communication and interaction. Here are those services…

Founded in 2011, the popular video conferencing platform Zoom continues to offer new features every day. Sharing the latest information on its innovative and user-oriented vision at the Zoomtopia 2021 event, the company prepared innovations to support its customers’ future plans to grow their businesses.

New Zoom features for unified communications

To support digital and hybrid work environments, Zoom continues to update its customers’ core unified communications solution with new features. The features developed by the company in this regard are:

  • Zoom Phone: End-to-end encryption and video voicemail feature.
  • Enhanced Whiteboard: An interactive collaboration feature that allows teams to come together online as if they were face-to-face, with VR support via Oculus.
  • Live Translation and Transcription: Live transcription and translation services powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery: A virtual meeting experience designed to resemble a face-to-face experience via multiple video feeds from a single conference room to offer better face-to-face communication between in-office or remote attendees.
  • Interactive Maps and Authentication Supported Hotdesking: Easy authentication feature so that employees can allocate desk and space in their office using an interactive map and bring their personal Zoom experience to any Zoom Rooms or Zoom Phone device.
  • Zoom Chat: a feature that will potentially provide a visual channel layout to give teams a sense of connectedness while working virtually.

New solution to the call center market: Video Engagement Center (VEC)

Zoom announced its new solution that will increase customer interaction at the event. The company, which wants to close this gap in the video communication sector, came up with the cloud-based call center product Video Participation Center (VEC).

With Zoom VEC, institutions can create experiences where they can develop trust-oriented interactions by bringing their experts together with their customers on video in a structured and comprehensive virtual environment. With this solution, which will be available in early 2022, Zoom offers enterprises cloud-first scalability and reliable video architecture.

A new event space: Zoom Events

Zoom Events was developed to help organizations create engaging hybrid and virtual experiences. This feature; It offers features such as event centers, private corporate virtual event spaces, customizable registration and chat-based virtual event lobby and business network expansion.

It allows businesses large and small to seamlessly manage and organize back-to-back sessions at events ranging from sales peaks to customer events, from trade shows to in-house events. The platform also provides event-specific reporting on registration, attendance and ticket sales.

New tools for developers

Zoom brings a number of new tools and solutions to help developers integrate the application into their software. One of them is Jumpstart, a new application creation tool that aims to speed up the creation of applications that take advantage of Zoom Video SDK features.

On the other hand, the company will soon offer the ability to list applications that benefit from the Zoom Video SDK on the App Marketplace. This feature will contribute to the distribution and discovery of innovations implemented through the Zoom platform. In addition, a new video API, Granular Scopes for APIs, enhanced meeting SDK for the web, new app developer roles and QSS (quality of service subscription) will be released on the Zoom App Marketplace by the end of the year.

More productivity for hybrid work: Zoom Apps

Zoom Apps, which have been implemented for institutions to optimize their meeting workflows; seamlessly integrates third-party applications into Zoom Meetings and the desktop client experience. This service is expected to add more collaboration, productivity and fun to the platform experience of hybrid workers.

Later this year, Zoom plans to roll out Zoom Apps integration across the entire platform, including Zoom Apps for Webinars and Zoom Apps for Mobile, and immersive apps that will enable even more productive and collaborative app experiences.

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