Zoom and Formula 1 partnership for video conferences


The company responsible for the Zoom videoconferencing platform and the Formula 1 organization closed a partnership that will allow the use of the service on several fronts in the motoring modality.

For the next few years, Zoom will be the official platform for remote meetings and events involving Formula 1 – even after the pandemic, so that meetings that do not necessarily have to be in person come virtual for reasons of economy and sustainability.

In addition, the Virtual Paddock Club project will be maintained and expanded. Started in 2020, this is a service that brings fans, riders and manufacturers together from a series of online experiences that include live updates on races, comments from sports legends and even the possibility of closing deals in the sector from rooms. exclusive for corporate use called the Business Lounge.

It is worth remembering that Formula 1 is on display in Brazil in the 2021 season by Band on open television and from the F1 TV Pro streaming platform.

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