Zoom Adds Support For iPad Pro


Zoom is one of the most used platforms in the last year after COVID 19 hit the world. Its objective was to connect many people via the Internet to the same point, whether or not they could participate in the event. Now, everyone’s circumstances are different, so doing different versions helps everyone stay connected. But sometimes you have to take a look at the capabilities of the devices and it is something that Zoom has taken into account the iPad Pro and its Center Stage function in its new update.

New support for Zoom on iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is one of the best proposals to work anywhere, displaying great power. This is possible thanks to the new chip in the bitten apple, which they have dubbed the M1. However, not everything has to do with the processor, it also brings new functionalities that help make your user experience even more gratifying.

Here we have to talk about one of the most interesting features, such as the Center Stage. Yes, it is one of the novelties that was integrated into the chip that we mentioned before, and it is about keeping the protagonist of the front camera centered. In essence, the terminal is responsible for evaluating the image and always placing the user in the center with a small movement and zoom.

This feature was available to those who used FaceTime, but it is not the only application. And, as we mentioned at the beginning, Zoom will finally use Center Stage on the iPad Pro. Of course, this advantage will not modify its function that already comes standard on the Apple device, but users will use it to make video conferencing perfect.

Available for 11 and 12.9-inch versions

Now that you know the new plans that Zoom has for the iPad Pro and its Center Stage, you will want to know when it will arrive. And is that if you have version 5.6.6 of the app you will already have it integrated whether you have an iPad Pro of 11 or 12.9 inches in length. Of course, as a user you have the possibility to leave this option activated or deactivated when you need it by going through the options that are in the upper left.


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