Zombie Detective, the new mystery drama


Choi Jin Hyuk stars in Zombie Detective, a drama about a being who has risen and must fulfill a mission. The premieres in the world of Korean dramas continue, even though some productions have been temporarily postponed in South Korea, there are K-Dramas ready to premiere and Zombie Detective is one of them, we share the synopsis of this new production and the details you must know to follow it from the moment it is issued.

This series tells the story of Kim Moo Young, a man who died but has risen as a zombie and now tries to go unnoticed in a world full of humans. However, the ignorance of his past does not allow him to have peace of mind, so after a time wandering in the world of the living, he decides to start a search to find answers.

It is then that Moo Young becomes a detective and adopts a new personality that allows him to discover what really happened in his life.

Zombie Detective’s cast includes actors such as Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Joo Hyun, Kwon, Hwa Woon, and Hwang Bo Ra, so their story has already caught the attention of many drama fans.

Although it is a story of mysteries, Zombie Detective will have a dose of comedy that will make you love the story and the characters that are part of the K-Drama, would you dare to see it?

This series will reveal two weekly episodes and, after a delay, it is planned that this Korean drama will have its premiere date on September 7 through the KBS2 signal, although you can also enjoy it from online platforms.

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