‘Zombie cyclone’ resurrects in the Atlantic


That Tuesday (22), a cyclone that was dying and suddenly came to life again, in the Atlantic Ocean, was nicknamed “zombie cyclone” by the United States National Weather Service (NOAA). It is the old hurricane Paulette, which “resurrected” as a tropical storm and continued towards the coast of Portugal.

The curious term, which drew attention a few days after the appearance of the cyclone bomb in Brazil, responsible for several damages in the South, was not chosen for nothing. Cyclone Paulette, which hit the Bermuda region on the 16th, was close to dissipating after being downgraded to the category of tropical depression, but eventually resurrected some time later, when it intensified again, gaining tropical storm status .

This sequence of events led the US National Weather Service (NWS), linked to NOAA, to make a joke on Twitter (see the publication below). The agency wrote: “Because it’s 2020, now we have zombie tropical storms. Welcome back to the land of the living, tropical storm Paulette ”, in free translation.

The term used refers to the famous undead of the cinema and has no technical designation, unlike the expression cyclone bomb. The latter, officially used by the US Meteorological Society (AMS), serves to name extratropical cyclones in which a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure occurs, a fact that determines the power of the storm.


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