Zombicide: Undead or Alive taking zombies to the wild west


The publisher of board games and miniatures CMON has reached impressive numbers with the crowdfunding campaign for the new expansion of Zombicide. With the end of support scheduled for this Wednesday (10), the scene of the Wild West Undead or Alive raised almost 20 times more than its initial target set, reaching the top 5 biggest releases on Kickstarter this year.

In Undead or Alive, players will be taken for an unprecedented experience in the Zombicide franchise, having to explore the wild west to combat the iconic threats of the undead in solo mechanics or matches for up to six participants. The new expansion of CMON’s dungeon crawler comes with simplified rules and interesting news, now with many references to the Western genre such as gunmen, sheriffs, prison, treasure hunts and much more.

The boardgame promises to take up a lot of space on the fans’ shelf and should come with a weight rating between 3 and 5, as it has many game items including 88 miniatures with survivors, walkers, walkers, runners and abomination, in addition to more than 130 cards action and all other parts to assemble the setup.

Supporter packs are priced from $ 100 to $ 240, and also feature a series of miniatures, upgrades and data that can be purchased separately in order to improve the gaming experience and increase the gameplay its replay factor.

Undead or Alive is scheduled to be released in 2022. To learn a little more about the countless news and what to expect from the next Zombicide expansion, just go to the official funding page on Kickstarter.



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