Zol claims that because of his chat, Robb’s ban on Twitch was extended for a week


After a 30-day Twitch ban for joking about beating up one of his viewers, Erobba’s ban has reportedly been extended for a week — and Zoil claims it’s his chat’s fault.

On September 8, Twitch streamer and OTK member Erobb221 was banned for 30 days after jokingly threatening to beat up a user in his offline chat. According to Erobb, he stated, “I can’t wait to see you at TwitchCon, I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

Many Twitch streamers and viewers found his ban unjustified, and therefore he caused a response from larger content creators. Among them are Nmplol, Ludwig and Mizkif on vacation.

But on the morning of October 2 — just 7 days before Erobb planned to return — Zoil reported some disappointing news live.

According to Zoil, Erobba’s ban has been extended

“You know what, guys, I’m going to leak something,” said Zoil, looking through his subreddit. “I don’t think Emony hasn’t told you about it yet.

Shortly before [Erobb’s] ban, someone named “iamblackpeople” could have logged into my feed. I think a lot of people reported this account, and… it turned out to be an alternative account. Erobba’s ban has been extended for a week.”

Zoil further explained that Erobb’s ban was extended for another week because an alternative account belonging to Erobb was reported in his chat.


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