Zoeys’ Extraordinary Playlist: Roku Intends To Save Series With Film


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was canceled by NBC earlier this year, leaving many people anxious for a plot conclusion. However, fans can get their hopes up again, as streaming Roku is in talks to save the series.

According to the website TV Line, the streaming would be close to getting a two-hour movie to close the series. If the contract is closed, the production will be available in Roku’s catalog already in the North American holiday season.

TV Line also claims that, according to internal sources, if the performance of the feature shows good numbers, Roku will be able to close contracts with the actors and order new additional episodes for the show.

In the plot, viewers of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist follow Zoey Clarke, a computer programmer who begins to listen to the wishes of people around her through music.

The cast includes Jane Levy, Skylar Astin, Peter Gallagher, Alex Newell, John Clarence Stewart, Carmen Cusack and Mary Steenburgen.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Learn about series cancellation

NBC decided to cancel the series just days after the airing of the last chapter of Season 2. Even though it was a critical success, the network argued that the show’s audience was too small to keep it on air.

However, NBC tried to take the show to Peacock and end it with 8 new episodes. However, negotiations did not advance and the TV channel decided to cancel the series definitively.

At the time, Austin Winsberg, Zoey’s showrunner, commented on the abrupt end of production. “Part of the season’s design was to close certain chapters in these characters’ lives or at least put some conclusion to it, but also set the path for everyone to follow,” he said.

Jane Levy also spoke in an interview with Vanity Fair and said she is very proud to have been part of the project. “Honestly, the main feeling I have is gratitude. I feel like I did everything I wanted with this show. If it’s over, I don’t regret it. I gave it my all and everyone else did the same,” she said.

Stay tuned for new news about Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and other series!


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