Zoë Kravitz honestly told why she made comments to Will Smith about the slap in the face at the Oscars, and how she feels about this decision months later


Despite the fact that the Oscar ceremony took place back in March, talk about this year’s event has not subsided thanks to a viral incident known as the “Slap in the Face”. This, of course, was when Will Smith came on stage and punched host Chris Rock on national television. Many people (including the presenters) have weighed in on the situation, and now Zoey Kravitz has spoken honestly about why she did the slap, and how she feels about the decision a few months later.

Zoe Kravitz was one of the guests in the room at the Oscars when Will Smith and Chris Rock had the infamous confrontation. That night, she posted an image of herself on social media with the caption: “Here’s a photo of my dress at the show where we are apparently attacking people on stage right now.” The actress from “Big Little Lies” later deleted this post altogether, and recently talked to the Wall Street Journal about what she thinks about weighing the situation so quickly. Kravitz said:

I’m torn about what to say right now because I should just not talk about it; I have very complicated feelings about it. I wish I had handled it differently, and that’s fine.

Well, that’s it. It seems that Zoe Kravitz was advised not to talk too much about her feelings about Will Smith’s slap in the face/Chris Rock at the Oscars. But she admits to some mistake in her initial response, which quickly went viral at the time. But given that she saw it all happen in real life, it might make sense that she has a particularly intuitive reaction to this shocking moment of violence at the Academy Awards ceremony.

Zoya Kravitz’s comments for the WSJ show the pressure of fame and the fact that expressing your opinion is not always the best idea. In addition to her caption referring to the slap, the Batman actress also had comments in the comments section, which also went viral at the time. When a commentator asked if she supported Will Smith defending his wife’s appearance in this way, Kravitz replied simply “no.” Later in the same interview, the famous actress addressed the pressure of fame and simple opinion, saying:

It’s a scary time to have an opinion, or say the wrong thing, or make controversial statements, thoughts, or something else.

She’s not wrong. While the term “cancellation culture” may cause some people to roll their eyes, the court of public opinion has been quick for various public figures after mistakes. Zoe Kravitz wasn’t actually involved in the Oscar slap, but her not-so-subtle references to Will Smith’s actions briefly put her in the crosshairs.

Although Zoe Kravitz admitted that she has some regrets about how she handled the comments on social media after the slap, her viral comments also became a learning opportunity. Kravitz explained how she looked inside herself after that speed bump, saying:

I was reminded that I am an artist. Being an artist doesn’t mean that everyone loves you or everyone thinks you’re sexy. It’s about expressing something that we hope will spark a conversation.

While Zoe Kravitz was initially the subject of some backlash, countless people weighed in on the Will Smith and Chris Rock incident at the Academy Awards. And the consequences continue to inspire further discussions, and only recently has Smith appeared in public again.

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