Zidane’s decision is already on Florentino’s table


The first to be mentioned must be precisely Benzema. The French attacker has been consistent enough for a long period of time to make it clear that his current status is not so temporary. The conversation is debatable as in everything but the truth is that in his last matches he has not left it easy to criticize him, for something it is said that Real Madrid is thinking of renewing it for at least 2 more years, and that a few weeks ago I had even substitute.


Another player to consider is Valverde, who continues to impress and add things to his game. On this occasion, the midfielder showed that he can also break the opponent’s pressure system by dribbling the ball in the field. Valverde was calm most of the game, but his presence in the midfield is something that Zinedine Zidane cannot replace right now. He has become a key player for Real Madrid.

The most anticipated exit to the field was that of Bale. The ability of the English to play football and impact through the right wing of Real Madrid was never in doubt. You can remain a very useful player if you stay engaged. Last night, it is clear that he tried to prove a point and quite possibly won his presence in the starting eleven when Madrid receives PSG next Tuesday. Will you stay healthy and engaged throughout the season? That remains to be seen.

Another leg that is missing at this table is precisely James Rodriguez, right now he is injured because of his last game with the Colombian national team, but it is seen that the team remains very well without him, and his sale could still give an injection of cash to the club with which your smartest solution would be to sell you. It is rumored that Machester would be receptive to Pogba in exchange for James, although this operation would in any case include at least 30 million. Florentino will have to decide but Zidane seems to have the decision taken.


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