Zidane: “I have been in love with Mbappe for a long time”


“I have been in love with Mbappe for a long time, first as a person because he came to do a test here a long time ago and as a player”

About Mbappe, he affirmed that “he arrives as a rival and what matters to me is what our team does, he will prepare it. We know the player that he is, the importance in his team and he has to be prepared ”.

“I will not choose whether I would like if Mbappe or Neymar did not play. We are ready to measure ourselves to the best ”.

Neymar or Mbappe?
“I think that Neymar and Mbappe are both going to play.”

“Honestly nothing changes if Neymar is on the field or not. I think both will play. We are prepared to play against any team. It’s a great team, I think it will be a great game. ”

“I don’t feel bad or good. The important thing is that our hobby if it is with us is a plus. Then that happened and after those first minutes, they were with the team and that is what we always want. ”

“Before the PSG it is an important match for everyone. For Bale, for us, it’s a great game and we have to be prepared. We know that they are having a great season and we know that the requirement has to be superior to all the games we have done so far. We like to play against very good rivals and we must be prepared for everything. ”

“I don’t know if nothing affects him, you have to ask Bale. It is tomorrow to play a football game. The rest does not work. ”

It is not a rematch against PSG
“It’s a bit of everything, heart and head, concentration and especially football. We want to make a good football match. We need a little of everything. Tomorrow is an important match against a rival who is doing well. ”

“In the first leg we don’t show our best face. It will not be a rematch, we just want to show our quality, achieve a good result and continue with the regularity we carry. We have a very good team in front and it will be an interesting match. ”

It is a team that since the beginning of the season has not had many failures, has lost few games that is something that can happen to anyone. It is a magnificent team and is part of the best teams in the world. ”

“What happened in Paris, happened. We are at home before our fans, we just want to make a great football game. I want to see my team do 90 minutes of high level. ”

Personal victory after the last month?
“I don’t consider it that way. No way. I know the situation and everything can change again. It depends on our ability to make a good match. Do not fit goals. We know what we should do. I’m happy because every day I see the team better. ”

Valverde, Rodrygo and who will play against PSG
“Valverde and Rodrygo have shown that they are prepared to play at Real Madrid, be part of the squad and have had their opportunities and they did well. It doesn’t surprise me, despite being young they have energy and desire to progress. ”

“It’s the two things, experience and moment of the player. Almost all players are fine, we reach a good level, playing well. The importance is worth a lot, but there are many more components. We will see tomorrow who will play.”


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