Zidane discards it and he rejects a TOP team (wants to play in Spain)


The last novel at Real Madrid has starred Mariano Díaz. I could enter the drama category, as it came with the illusion of being the attacker of the team and has ended up as a discard of Zidane. The Spanish of Dominican roots did not convince the coaching staff and lost place with all attack players. With the lost illusion of being able to succeed in the team of his loves, he looks for a new club, but has already rejected a TOP team.

In the Italian Serie A they were interested during last summer’s market, but discarded them, because I thought I had options in Madrid. Now, Rome appeared interested in strengthening its attack against the physical problems of some strikers.

Mariano’s response to the offer was negative, it seems that his priority is to continue in Spain. He plans to play in Sevilla or Valencia. In the case of the ‘Che’ team, Rodrigo Moreno’s exit to Atlético de Madrid will be necessary.

Zidane does not have him and his agent confirms the departure
The resignation has won the game to Mariano, therefore, his departure in winter was confirmed by his agent. According to an interview conducted by Laroma24.it, David Aranda (Representative of Mariano) commented: «He will go on loan for two seasons. We have not decided the club ». This while saying that Rome was not a possibility.

It is already a victory for the attacker who is thinking about a loan rather than a final sale. This decision could give you one last chance within two campaigns. There is still some hope in the evolution that Mariano may have with 26 years. Zidane is clarifying the template with the players that really count in his head. Another case of an unsuccessful return of a Real Madrid player is repeated, who triumphs away from home, but cannot with the white shirt.


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