Zhurong: China’s Rover Sends First Photos of Mars


Zhurong: China released on Wednesday (19) the first images of Mars sent by the rover Zhurong. The photos posted by the National Space Administration of China (CNSA) show the surface of the red planet and the robot’s solar panels.

On the official website of CNSA it is also possible to watch videos of the rover entering the Martian atmosphere. The Zhurong weighs about 240 kg and has five “arms” with different features to investigate the nature and climate of the planet. In addition, the rover is equipped with laser technology, which must be used to hit and study rocks, and with radar to detect underground ice. Both technologies are also seen in the North American rovers Curiosity and Perseverance.


With the landing of Zhurong, China became the second country to successfully send a robot to Mars. The first place went to the United States. The Asian country expects to remain in Utopia Planitia – the northern hemisphere of the planet – for another three months. The region is more than 3,000 km in diameter and, it seems, has large reserves of ice in its depth.

Europe, in partnership with Russia, already has plans to send the Rosalind Franklin rover to Mars in 2022. If all goes well, it will be the first successful launch on the European continent.


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