Zeus Capital Continues to Warn on Chainlink (LINK)


Asset management and research firm Zeus Capital continues to target Chainlink (LINK). As we previously reported, the company published a report, stating that LINK has problems with decentralization and that their partnerships are exaggerated.

Zeus Capital has now issued a new announcement, warning about LINK’s price. Addressing LINK investors, the company made a proposal to issue their tokens. In the announcement titled “After the Zeus Liquidation Campaign” published yesterday, Zeus is trying to distance people from this altcoin.

Alerts on the Future of LINK

Zeus Capital, which published a new anti-LINK article, examined the price movements of the altcoin, whose price approached $ 20 and then declined suddenly. The firm said that following these price movements of LINK, many investors lost money and the prices were very manipulative.

The price of LINK skyrocketed on August 15, 2020, reaching an all-time high of $ 19.37. Fear of missing out on this opportunity, many retail investors joined the program, according to Zeus Capital:

“As you can imagine, most of them used their personal savings or took out loans, blindly trusting everything that was said on Twitter and Telegram regarding the token’s performance and glorious future. Chainlink cheerleaders continued to trick people into not giving up, or they said they would be 40 and live in their mother’s basement. ”

“Everything Was Good Until The Price Drop”

The company used the following statements in the article:

“For LINK supporters, everything seemed rosy until prices began to drop. Then, at least, investors who lost their savings, mortgages, and even families began to look worried. ”

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Zeus Capital questions whether this situation is ethical. According to the firm, Chainlink has used its loyal supporters to protect the enormous wealth created and stored in LINK tokens.

Before the fall, Telegram and Twitter were full of excitement from LINK’s blind supporters and awaited their “victory” against Zeus Capital, according to Zeus Capital. Probably the famous LINK sailors (the name given to LINK’s supporters: LINK Marines) desperately begged people to buy at least 10 LINK and be part of this noble cause.


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