Zeus Capital Chainlink (LINK) Warns Investors


Zeus Capital has released a new announcement regarding the price of Chainlink (LINK) and addressed LINK investors. Zeus Capital, which opened a position against LINK in the past weeks, warned investors and offered to consider selling their LINK tokens.

Zeus Capital, which took a short position against Chainlink (LINK) on August 2, has been at war with the LINK community since then. Zeus Capital said that LINK has no added value and to distance investors from LINK; The LINK army, called LINK Marines, is trying to defend the project against Zeus Capital.

Zeus Capital made some new statements regarding Chainlink (LINK) and warned investors of LINK’s future. Saying that some people’s lives are ruined by LINK, Zeus Capital tried to dissuade people from investing in LINK.

Those whose homes were destroyed by LINK

Zeus Capital published a new anti-LINK report the other day. In this report, the LINK price, which went up to $ 20 on August 15 and then declined, was examined. Zeus Capital; LINK explained that this increase in the price was a manipulative increase, and many people suffered from these manipulations.

Zeus Capital; Criticizing the SmartContract team behind Chainlink, he argued that LINK had no use, and that this token did not have any added value. The company summed up this situation as follows:

“SmartContract, backed by a loyal user base and some institutional investors; signed the biggest pump in the history of crypto money. LINK; Although it did not have many users, it did not achieve a great technological success, it gained triple value in a month. Some naive investors, deceived by this rise, fought each other to get LINK. ”
According to Zeus Capital’s claims, the Chainlink team continued to make manipulative statements even when the LINK price rose to $ 20. Zeus Capital accuses these names of creating a perception that the LINK price will continue to rise; He argued that many people were fooled by this and that caused great losses:

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“Everything was rosy for LINK investors. Until the price starts to fall. That’s when people started worrying and investors lost their savings, their mortgage, even their families. ”
“Exit” Warning to Investors

The Zeus Capital team seems to continue to wage their war against the Chainlink community on August 2. Company; He started to warn investors against LINK, claiming that Chainlink is still engaging in manipulative activities.

Questioning the accuracy of the statements made by Chainlink and the SmartContract team, Zeus Capital urged people to “not lose your money to LINK” and suggested to “consider selling their LINK before it’s too late”.


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