“Zero Sievert” Is a Pearl Inspired by “Stalker”, With a Brutal “Tarkovsky” Shade.


From the very beginning, Zero Sievert sounds like an Escape From Tarkov with a view from above. In many ways, this is an appropriate description — the goal of the Cabo Studio shooter is to go to the territories occupied by bandits, rob everything that is possible, and get it alive.

But look under the surface, and you will understand that the real pleasure is in the faithful, fantastic atmosphere of the Stalker from Zero Sievert. The events of Zero Sievert take place after an explosion at a nuclear power plant devastated some areas of Eastern Europe. In relative safety, you will be satisfied with the bunker, traders, supplies before showing you the door.

To complete missions and collect loot, the train will take you to some of the most inhospitable areas of Zero Sievert. At first, the train conductor will not want to take you further than the overgrown forest and destroyed camping, but swamps, shopping malls and industrial areas are waiting for survivors who will prove that they have what they need.

However, it will not be easy to do this. On my first trip to the forest, I wandered around the wasteland for a few minutes before I encountered my first enemy. Well, I assumed he was the enemy—I fired my gun at him before waiting to find out and shuffled to get my first kill. Unfortunately, he had a friend that I didn’t notice, and after a few crazy seconds, my body joined him on the ground. Zero Sievert is not joking — even the weakest bandits you meet at the beginning of the game can turn out to be something more than a match, and death is always at a distance of one or two bullets.

Once you master the unforgiving nature of Zero Sievert, simple survival turns into a thrill. Despite the top—down location, Sievert has full immersion in a dirty first-person shooter – it was a sadistic pleasure to lure bandits out of their camp with a few shots, sneak past them to get their goodies, and then shoot them. one by one, as they split up in their hunt for me. Similarly, shooting seems brilliant, and each weapon feels different – single—shot rifles are ruthlessly accurate but slow to load a cartridge, while an AK firing in fully automatic mode will throw bullets all over the screen the longer you shoot it. Back at the base, you can customize this weapon according to your style of play — it intentionally does not affect the little things of Tarkov, but, nevertheless, there is something to play with.

However, in a movement that looks more like a Stalker than a Tarkov, not everything that can kill you is human. The croaking Geiger counter is a reminder that the air itself in Zero Sievert is deadly, and the anomalies of the Stalker—style world flicker with otherworldly violence. These radioactive machinations have left a mutant-shaped hole in the ecosystem: while wolves still bear a resemblance to their former canine versions, other mutants have too many teeth to recognize their origin in the time it takes them to pounce on your woefully unprepared character.

Although Zero Sievert launches in early access, the game’s offerings are already impressive. Zero Sievert is a diabolical mix of Stalker setting and hardcore Tarkov mechanics, and since more maps and weapons are planned for launch, fans of both have something to dive into.

Zero Sievert launches in early Access on November 15 and will be available on PC.


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