Zelda’s Theme Music Created by Japanese YouTuber’s With Calculator


Using a calculator as a musical instrument, a Japanese YouTuber has been able to play tracks ranging from the theme music of the popular video game series Zelda to the most popular pop songs in Japan.

We’ve seen the theme music of Super Mario and Pirates of the Caribbean and even the world famous Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. In particular, a new one has been added to these videos that we come across on YouTube.

The Japanese YouTuber named Atarime was able to play the music of the famous 1979 Japanese anime film Galaxy Express 999 using seven calculators at a time.

Those moments

In another video shared by Atarime, the theme music of the famous video game series Zelda can be easily understood using four different calculators with different tones.

Japanese YouTuber’s calculators are like a piano.

Atarime mostly plays Japanese pop songs and anime music. Japan-based television channel Nippon TV, a program that makes Atarime, thus increasing its popularity day by day.

However, let’s not say that the Japanese YouTuber can become very famous if it plays popular songs known worldwide with its calculators.

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