Zelda: What really happened to Shiro, the invisible soldier


A Sentry City soldier named Shiro is one of the many side stories in the title Majora’s Mask for The Legend of Zelda 64 for the Nintendo 64, told using contextual hints rather than text. Link meets Shiro using the Lens of Truth, which shows invisible objects, on the way to Icahn Canyon in the original version of the game for N64 and in the Pirate Fortress in the remake for 3DS. Shiro claims that for years he sat in one place and asked for help from passing travelers, and no one noticed him until Link. Shiro feels that it is easy to ignore him, but other than that he cannot explain his situation, which arouses curiosity.

Shiro’s goal as an NPC is to provide Link and the player with a Stone Mask. Like almost all masks in Majora’s Mask, the Stone Mask gives Link a unique ability when worn. Namely, it makes Link invisible to most characters, which helps the player to perform tasks that require stealth. However, Shiro’s character model never wears a mask; and after Shiro hands the mask over to Link, the player will be able to interact with him in the same place and by the same means as always, assuming that his circumstances were not related to his possession of the mask.

Looking at Shiro’s whereabouts in both versions of Majora’s Mask can help to understand his situation, and they imply that he is a ghost. Initially, the player meets Shiro near Ikana Canyon, where there is a cemetery and such types of Legend of Zelda enemies as ghost Po and zombie ReDeds. Ikana Canyon was once the site of a warlike kingdom, and Shiro is a soldier of the Sentinel City — perhaps he died in a battle with the kingdom of Ikana, to which the Sentinel City provided forces. Meanwhile, Link visits the Pirate Fortress on behalf of Zora, who was fatally wounded while trying to rescue her friend’s stolen eggs from the pirates living there. The 3DS version of Shiro could have died in a similar situation, fighting pirates for reasons of heroism or duty and losing.

The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Suggests That Shiro Is Actually Dead

Perhaps Shiro has an alternate self that strengthens his connection with death. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link can meet a dying soldier sitting in an alley of Castle Town after collecting three Spirit Stones. The action of the “Mask of Majora” takes place in a parallel universe with the Ocarina of Time, and many fans have included Shiro in their assumptions as an analogue of the Ocarina of Time of each character of the Mask of Majora. A clash with a Castle City soldier is easy to miss, as it has a narrow availability window. Some players suspect that Shiro’s predicament on the surface level is a reference to this. In addition, Shiro gives Link a stone mask in exchange for a red or blue potion, both of which are items to restore health. This also means that he may be just as badly injured as his potential colleague from Ocarina of Time.

The possibility that the NPC Major’s Mask may be a ghost opens up as many questions about the character as there are answers: for example, how exactly he died and from what time in the history of the Term he may be. And the game offers no real clues for assumptions about the character’s origin, other than why he is invisible. However, for many fans of The Legend of Zelda, the ability to ask questions and the presence of non-player characters that the player doesn’t have to know everything about are among the best things about Majora’s Mask. defining itself.