Zelda Skyward Sword HD: Amiibo Will Have New Fast Travel System


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword should remember that in order to save their progress, it was necessary to find statues of birds, and after the first use, it was also possible to use them to return to the skies and quickly go to another region with your Loftwing. It was a very familiar type of system, since the quick trip in other games in the franchise has always worked with fixed portals like that.

With the announcement of the HD version of this title for the Switch, it is expected that some quality of life changes would be added to the game, which really happened, but one of them ended up being linked to the use of an amiibo. The new collectible doll is from Zelda with its blue Loftwing, which in itself is very cute, but also adds a new fast travel system to the game.

When using this amiibo in Skyward Sword HD, you can choose to return to heaven at any time and wherever you are, ignoring the need to find the statues we mentioned before. Other than that, if you use the doll again, you can go back to exactly where you were before you went to the skies, which is very desirable in certain parts of Link’s adventure.

The novelty did not go so well with several fans of the series, after all, this really was an excellent improvement to be found in such a remaster. Considering that the amiibo costs 25 dollars and is not sold in certain regions, many people who would like to take advantage of this mechanic will have to settle for the old system.

The Polygon website has already contacted Nintendo to find out if they really plan to keep this functionality attached to the amiibo or if there are plans to introduce this to the game in a future update. For now, the company has not yet responded, but we hope they understand the fans’ side eventually.


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