Zelda: Ocarina of Time beta found by fans


The group of fans known as The Forest of Illusion achieved a feat that many would certainly want: getting their hands on a prototype cartridge containing the demo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time used to present the game during Nintendo Space World in 1997.

Among the novelties found in this initial version are a kind of grass to call Epona, a land mine and musical notes that would be used to start a certain song. Also on the list are medallions with skills (one of them turned Link into a fairy, while another made Link invisible), among other things.

The group also revealed, after a translation, that the game’s story would be different. Link would collect the Spiritual Stones at Princess Zelda’s request, while she found a way to enter the Temple of Time. Another change is that in the beginning the hero would rescue all fairies (including Navi) from the Great Deku Tree.

Finally, the team that looked at the demo to study it raised the information that it would be possible to make the initial dungeons of the game in any form, something that ended up appearing in other games later.


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