Zelda: Nintendo reportedly canceled Netflix series after leak


Netflix reportedly was in talks with Nintendo for a live-action adaptation of the Legend of Zelda game, in series format. After the leak of the information, however, the companies would have canceled the project that would be made available on streaming.

According to the Eurogamer website, American comedian Adam Conover, who was working on a stop-motion animation of Star Fox and, at the same time, on the Zelda series, said that Nintendo would have taken the decision to cancel the project.

The closure would have happened after someone had spread information about the show. The leak caused the Wall Street Journal to report the news.

The incident prompted the developer of the games starring Link to completely cancel the series planning. The project that adapted Star Fox was also eliminated by Nintendo.

Learn more about adapting Nintendo’s hit Legend of Zelda to Netflix

In 2015, news about a possible live-action adaptation of Legend of Zelda was released to the Wall Street Journal. At the time, a “person familiar with the matter” revealed that the project would be a “Game of Thrones for the family”, in which the plot follows Link and his journey to save Princess Zelda and Hyrule’s territory. However, nothing more was released on the subject.

Since then, game adaptations have been quite successful on the streaming platform. In this way, Netflix intends to explore the theme and attract the gamer community, in order to get more subscribers.

In addition, game developers have been looking to Netflix, as the service is considered the best destination for video game adaptation projects.

Other productions are also being developed by streaming, such as Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, The Division, Splinter Cell, Beyond Good and Evil, among others.

Stay tuned for more information on Netflix projects!


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