Zelda Doesn’t Understand What Hides the Perfect Stardew Valley Game


Legend of Zelda games hide the perfect mini-game or side game if Nintendo wants to create a new farm simulator based on the popular franchise. In many Zelda games, Link visits a farm or ranch, namely the Lon-Lon Ranch. It would be nice for Link to take a break to help Malone and Talon with their work at the Lon Lon Ranch, and players could enjoy a farm simulator mini-game in the process. Alternatively, a side game in the spirit of Stardew Valley could allow players to become a Malone and run a ranch.

Lon-Lon Ranch is one of the many recurring locations in Zelda games. At the ranch, players can find Super Mario characters added to Ocarina of Time in the form of Talon, Malon and Ingo. One of the main advantages of visiting the Lon Lon Ranch is the opportunity to get milk that will restore the containers for Link’s heart. However, sometimes the ranch is included in games under a different name, for example, Gypsy Ranch in Majora’s Mask or Ordon Ranch in Twilight Princess.

The Legend of Zelda series is no stranger to including a variety of mini-games in its titles. Some of these mini-games are already taking place on the presented ranches, for example, Talona’s Chicken Game in Ocarina of Time or Doggy Racetrack in Majora’s Mask. However, places like the Lon Lon Ranch are the perfect place to host a Stardew Valley-style mini-game, or even to turn it into a full-fledged by-product.

Zelda Farming Simulator will show Hyrule from a new side

Players are always in the role of heroes when it comes to Zelda games. Managing the Lon Lon Ranch as Malone would be more rewarding than just doing Zelda side quests, which can be skipped anyway. Also, seeing Hyrule through Malone’s eyes would be refreshing, because she wasn’t wearing the hero’s mantle, so players could see how Hyrule residents lead their daily lives when Link isn’t around. One familiar setting may be enough to attract players who are not inclined to try farm simulators, but are ready when they are associated with the Zelda series.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most recognizable franchises, and it has every chance to enter the popular farm simulator market, which is currently dominated by Stardew Valley, and at the same time the game will not seem forced or nothing more than money extortion. If Nintendo doesn’t want to make a by-product, then it could at least make a farming mini-game that would go well with the ability to cook powerful recipes in Breath of the Wild. It would be a shame for Nintendo to miss this great opportunity to expand the genre of games included in The Legend of Zelda.


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