Zelda: Breath of the Wild ganha nostálgico demake para Game Boy Color


Zelda: YouTube channel Ohana Studio shared a demake of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Game Boy Color on their social networks, which adapts the main mechanics of the award-winning Switch game to a nostalgic 8-bit version.

The programmer behind the project used the GBC engine to recreate the entire style of Breath of the Wild, including the concept of the creatures and Link’s abilities, such as hunting and loot. Now, the hero of Hyrule retires his Master Sword to use various weapons like a long sword and ax while walking through the Great Plateau and the Gerudo desert, all with a background trail that is sure to bring great memories to older fans of the laptop.

According to the game’s creator, the Game Boy version is just a prototype made as a hobby, not a complete game. Despite this, Ohana Studio does not rule out releasing the title later, but with a proposal unrelated to Zelda and as an independent game in the survival RPG format, just as it did with the previous project, entitled The Tides of Time.

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