Zayn Malik returns to music with his new song Better


Acclaimed former One Direction member Zayn Malik will have a new song premiere very soon, so he shared a sneak peek on social media.

Regresa Zayn Malik a la música con su nuevo tema Better, dando una muestra(INSTAGRAM)

If we know something about Zayn Malik who is a member of One Direction, it is that he has a large number of very loyal fans, who are there waiting for the release of his new music because since he separated from the Band he has had the unconditional support of his fandom.

For this reason he has millions of reasons to celebrate the release of his new song, as well as that he just became the father of a little girl with Gigi Hadid, also returning to the music industry after 2 years of retiring from entertainment.

The young man welcomed him along with his beautiful partner and international model, sharing the night yesterday that his baby was born by uploading a photograph in which he is holding his baby’s hand, accompanying her at all times.

In addition to this great news about his fatherhood, Zayn Malik is very excited about the return to his music career.

Well, he has already prepared the launch of a new single that will be called better, so he had to break the news to your fans by placing an image with the name of the song accompanied by what would be its illustration, which is a robot very similar to the Transformers.

For this reason, he also decided to publish a small video in which he anticipates what will be the expected topic, which is already a trend in social networks thanks to the great emotion it has caused in his fandom, who dedicated themselves to tweeting everything they expect and the great support they provide.

In the preview video we can see some old music devices as well as walking shirtless in front of a window so the fans quickly gave a shout of excitement listening to what would be the new melody, one that sounds quite relaxed and a bit Retro that by the way has a great rhythm.

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At the moment we only know that the song will come out very soon, so we do not have a release date but the fans hope it will be in a short time, because he understands that he is a new father and wants to enjoy his little girl and his wife Gigi hadid for what will bear with you.

The last time we heard anything from Zayn Malik was when he released his last album Icarus Falls in 2017 and since then he has been out of the spotlight so this news has made many lives happy.

It is worth mentioning that although he had not released an album or his own songs, the first one had collaborated with R3HAB and JungleBoi for a song called “flames”.

On the other hand, his colleagues from One Direction have been very active in music, so it seems strange to us he had no news about this and since we have to wait for the revelation of this song that will surely be a success both on billboard as in social networks.

Regarding his daughter, he wrote: “Our girl is here, healthy and beautiful. Trying to put into words how I feel right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this little human is beyond my comprehension. Thankful to meet her, proud to call her mine and grateful for the life we ​​will have together. “

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